Woodoo Dolls


Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

It always takes a catalyst.

Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

In this case, it to be black and white magic, to represent the object of peopleìs magic intentions is a doll that should be made by – or at least contain- fingernails, hairs and, if it is possible, a vial of blood of the poor fellow.

Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

Alexander Girard (C)Vitra

Hard to see if this is about instructions dictated by Voodoo religion or Hoodoo.

This last is a set of magical practice independent by any belief.  Speaking of which, they say it takes its rituals by the kaballah (but the largest part of cabalist disagree ) and by the Bible (there are theories that holding it open on a particular page for a certain period… stuff happens! Of course woodoo is interesting. They supposed to be one of the religions most ancient that there are. And magic is essential. Because in view of a God far and unknowable the only supernatural beings that can help us are collective spirits. It is about a religion all played to come into contact with the thin energy. Pick also the idea od soul. Listen to the Voodoo we would have two of it. One absolutely slipper maker, that abhors any journey out of body ; the other daredevil. And it on this experts of dark magic are focused on, given that once captured they can control the person to whom it belongs. (But it exists the antidote: an amulet wherein it shall be imprisoned the wanderer souls)

Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

Alexander Girard, (C)Vitra

Remains that Alexander Girard in the 1953, designer and scholar of popular culture, he’s built his wooden woodoo dolls himself. And in this regard energies who has given and ask to radiate in any room that they settle are joy and serenity.  Curious the one that portrays evil… In tarots the positive symbolism of this card is the magic power that makes prevail on the fate, indomitable will and  new and exciting dating.

Do they works? Who know…  to the limits we can always  go round to New Orleans and start a new one with anything it need.  Elisabetta Guida

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