The proof of concept the prince charming exists


DSC_0203 ridotta ©elisabettaguidaI was looking for green tea. It’s hot, big, bitter but above all lose their appetite and send to the brain the message “get out cellulitis”. In the supermarket the problem is that, some producers add sugar to make the taste more pleasant. So I dindn’t know french brands and didnt trust buying them. Because get fat treacherously for a cup of tea, that instead should help to stay thin, it is the most sinister betrayal, it was at least a croissant.

DSC_0503 ©elisabettaguidaBut that is the boring part of the matter. The proof of concept the prince charming exists –in the case of Zohar, the esoteric book of Kaballah, weren’t enough- comes in here.

Paris, Place des Vosges, and Damman Frere shop. I went into like I went out -with anything-, staying in me that sense of “if I had” bought “Nuit a Versailles” (night in Versailles).DSC_0684 ridotta ©Elisabetta Guida It could have be like take home the scent of a lover, because be in Paris –and I don’t mean museums and monuments- but breathe the air, walk around, make a stop at Tuileries Garden, meet someone, it is exactly identical to lost themself in the arm of the most charming men in the world. But I need to think about stuff. And most important I’m really one  for coffee. Total: no tea and not even I signed up their name. The case was closed.

800px-PIERRE-AUGUSTE_COT_-_Primavera_(Museo_Metropolitano_de_Nueva_York,_1873._Óleo_sobre_lienzo,_213.4_x_127_cm)Except for the fact that:

  • DSC_0461 (2) ©Elisabetta Guida_ Montmartreafter a month I came back home Damman Frere followed me on instagram.
  • I’m looking for its shops in Milano but roads and square move around without notice it to me, so I’ve never found them.
  • The other evening I was going to see “Star Trek Beyond” (how much I like captain Kirk). We was having the aperitif on the Rinascente roof garden’s and and in what does I came across on the way out? In the Damman Frere corner

I know it is only a tea, but also the practical demonstration that people run in the thing. On the other had the particle accelerator is only a machine and not infinite space. Believe me the prince charming is a person who happened. Elisabetta  Guida

Photographs are mine and protected by copyright, reproduction not permitted. Exept for “The Spring” painted by Pierre August Cot, now in public domaine and taken from wikipedia

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