Superyacht: change relationship between internal and external space


Chateau_dAzay-Le-FerronIn the 1700ss who would have thought of tearing down home walls? But then Giò Ponti was coming, with his craze for open space, and voilà.
The issue, actually, goes around dreams, simbols and appearance nested in the idea of home. And superyachts are not an exception, because who wishes them, to the sea don’t ask adventureAttico New YorkGio_Ponti, but on the contrary, a floating house, as lavish as an attic in New York. Sure there is some variation. If for the mainland the loss of the barrier between in and out is only the current trend -started with Patrick Blanc for his vertical garden – in the yachting field is revolution. ZSYD 94mt TETI (2) ridottaInfact  Zuccon Superyacht Design has presented a project for a 94 metres boat where Upper Deck and Owner Deck are indissolubly linked, in the context where, for this type of vessels,  interior, compared to external, close.
Now this review of space is reflected, in the meanwhile, in the structure of Upper Deck. The news is the second ambient created on the bow. It is about a swimming pool designed like it was a big terrace on the sun, in the continuity with the exterior living room and the internal dining- which is added to the traditional stern terrace. Then there is the solution thought to connect  the Upper Deck and the ZSYD 94mt TETI (1) ridotta
ZSYD 94mt TETI (4) ridotta CaixaforummadridOwner Deck. In this way the shipowner to reach their guests by his own personal terrace, despite seven decks, he will only have to get off a system of steps. (And about the Owner Deck, the layout proposals are the set up of two suite complete of a dedicted and a walk, as well as eight cabins) Finally the different apportionment of space, so the maximisation of external space has allowed they to minimised volume of the boat, result: a sports Skyline. How about it? Change in sight. Elisabetta Guida

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  • For the Azay Le-Ferron Castel the photocredit is by:
  • For the Loft in New York, now for salea, the photocredit is by the website:
  • The photograph of Giò Ponti is in public domain and I take it from Wikipedia
  • The projects of the Yacht are a coutesy of Zuccon Superyacht Design
  • For Caixa Forum of Madrid by Patrick Blanc the photocredit is by  Óscar Carnicero Sánchez, Rehabilitación de Herzog & De Meuron. ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], attraverso Wikimedia Commons

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