Italian bijou at Palazzo Reale in Milano


DSC_2839 (2) ridotta palazzo reale Elisabetta GuidaJewels versus Bijou?

DSC_2844 ridotta elisabetta guidaFor the curator of the exhibit “L’arte del bijou italiano” -by a handful days in Milan at Palazzo Reale setting up in the halls of tapestries- jewel does have the eternity, in contrast bling represents the ephemeral trend. That is to say: brilliant look to past and future, bijou to present.

DSC_2729 (2) ridotta elisabetta guidaBut I don’t get the meaning.

DSC_2710 elisabetta Guida ridottaFirst of all, if precious expresses scarce availability, so exclusivity with all its corollaries of Status Symbol, power etc… also serves to indicate a product category DSC_2726 (2) ridotta elisabetta Guidaextremely floating. In the 1600s they would do crazy for silver, in the 1700s for porcelain, in the 1400s any noble family which possessed a bit of influenced, had a tapestries hung on the home wall and we want to talk about ancient american people who sell themself for some mirrors and two beads?

DSC_2791 ridotta elisbetta guidaDSC_2834 (3) ridotta Elisabetta GuidaIn this respect there is the idea that who creates a bijou was free to invent without the burden of expensive resouces. However Lalique, DSC_2809 ridotta elisabetta guidaDSC_2803 ridotta elisabetta guida (2)Buccellati, Van Cleef & Harper, Cartier, Bulgari and so on, didn’t capture dreams of millions of people setting itself in the tradition, but breaking it up with. I believe the values is in the creative capacities. Better, in the shape and in the colour that can radiate the shade of state of mind and take away from DSC_2826 ridotta elisabetta guidaDSC_2753 (2) ridotta elisabetta guidaDSC_2709 ridotta Elisabetta Guidaall the worst that surrounds who wears the jewel.

But in all fairness, I’ve found a press release entitled “fashion beyond the fashion” in DSC_2694 elisabetta guida ridottathe press kit. That points to what could be  “fashion didn’t go beyond the fashion”. Place that styles are a matter of state of DSC_2784 ridotta elisabetta guidamind, why we should have worn, unless “be” more ourself?

Maybe about the jewel and the bijou were DSC_2717 ridotta elisabetta guidathey are an economic question? Then, at this point, in realation to the jewel, assuming you don’t have particular pieces, best is having precious stone unmounted. Certainly no question the bijou has got an exclusive immaterialDSC_2782 ridotta Elisabetta Guida value and  without doubt is born like poor relation. Exept for in this world it is all relative, save beauty. At the end will they realise is it the DSC_2849 ridotta Elisabetta Guidareal treasure.

Only words, mine’s, even though it would be enough taking a walk through the Palazzo Reale halls to feel the immortality of  bijou.  300 Unique pieces realized by 5 milanese designer Bozart, Ornella Bijoux, Sharra Pagano, Ottavio Re and Unger. The temporal range goes from the 1950s to 2000s, although when you made it out you will never know what is time. Elisabetta Guida

DSC_2706 ridotta elisabetta guida DSC_2676 elisabetta guida ridotta DSC_2696 ridotta Elisabetta Guida DSC_2668 (2) ridotta Elisabetta Guida DSC_2673 (2) ridotta Elisabetta Guida DSC_2741 ridotta Elisabetta Guida DSC_2790 (3) ridotta elisabetta guida DSC_2685 (2) ridotta elisabetta Guida DSC_2686 (2) ridotta Elisabetta GuidaL’arte del Bijou italiano, till 2th March 2016 – Admission Free
Palazzo Reale, Piazza Duomo, Milano
Monday: 14,30- 19.30
Twesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 9.30/ 19.30
Thursday, Saturday: 9.30/22.30
Photocredit: all photographs are mine.


DSC_2851 (2) ridotta Elisbetta Guida

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