Galileo: two places, one history


il cannocchiale di Galileo Galilei14-I-2013- The problem of Galileo was having done discoveries that went to support the Copernican theory. Whatever would reveal to him, from sunspot to the existence of Venus and Mercury notte stellata, were going to affecting the description of universe which has been like so much to the church until few years ago. It was the idea under which Earth could be on the center of the solar system and plunged  in the heart of mechanism of heavenly spheres, in the last one, the highest, there are God, Angels and the heaven.

lente galileoOnly in the 1992 (However they should consider Giordano Bruno is still waiting for justice, here an article by Famiglia Cristiana) the Science Pontificial Academy declared that it had recognised the mistakes made rehabilitating the scientist. But back then the conclusion was a trial that ended up whit the abnegation of his theories, who in return he had his life safe. The punishment  was be locked up ina indifferent seclusion to illness and blindness”. He was also coerced, prohibited by the vatican, to refuse gifts and honors.

640px-Costa_san_giorgio,_casa_di_galileo_02Now, it is not that Galileo Galilei humanly speaking was a greatest person. He lacked character and miss the Bruno morality, he was one who when he was called upon to Florence, abandoned the woman with Galileo lives in Padova, he has never recognized  the paternity of his daughters who he forced them to take the vows, he got a trial for plagiarism, Galileo was forced by his family to marry a cousin, because who knows what he did. In short a subjet that we must not displeasure too for him, Except for he was persecuted for an idea.

museo Galileo Galilei- ridottaThe basilica of Santa Croce in Florence and the Galileo Museum  offer the possibility of know the scientist Florence with a citizen itinery, see the only existing examples of instruments invented by him, and know through  curious  testimony what is hidden in two burials. Elisabetta Guida

Il The programme for the visit to Santa Crove and Museo Galileo provides for one tour a month. They start on the friday 30th january. While the itinerary in Florence could be done by themself  before collect information  by  Web Page . 

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For the florentine home of Galileo: Sailko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

For the night star  by Van Gogh the photo credit is in public domain, the photograph was taken Wikipedia, for the rest of images are given to me by the press office.

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