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blog1-680x310Ginevra Tomasi is a Madam who has had an amazing idea. She has put into practice what everyone know, that is timeless of beauty timeless. And  there is no fashion diktat for that.  Antiques are up to date like the most latest trend, it is the ability to express a feeling to make a difference.

“Oro Argento e  Vintage” is a shop to frequent often. People should look, touch, get a fitting. But above all the magic wordlavoro-3-054 lavoro6-041lavoro-2-004is feel: there jewels, costume jewels, silvers and bags  don’t be sell perforce. Their value disregard price and their communal characteristic is the careful manufacturing.

In our years where famous brand and shopping center consider everyone puppets and everyone wants to be similar, that is an absolutely rarity. As well as, in forthcoming Christmans, it is an address to keep in mind. Elisabetta Guida

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20141210_161922 ridottaPrice for costume Jewels start from 40 euro. For jowels it depends on your choice. Only for having an idea this earrings, published  on “Antiquariato” magazine, made in molten rock and gold, dated in the second half of IXX century, costs 650 euro

Oro argento e vintage, Via Eustachi 20 Milano. tel.: +39 338 2036 455

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