Maybe Aphrodite is living here?


Aphrodite (C)GettyMuseum via Wikipedia

I think it is hard identify the place where Aphrodite home was. My thoughts goes to Mount Olympus but it is all a bit misty. It will be because for climbing on it people had to have the gods permission. Of course archaeologits should dig. And Aphrodite was born from the Cipro sea’ foam that’s a fact.

Right there some archaeological excavations are continuing  by The Department of Antiquietis and  Catania University. In recent month they have shed light two new rooms of an house and several objects including a lamp decorated with a potrait: a wavy hair head.  Maiby from that think this home have any relation with Aphrodite it is too considering the wall was build around the V centuries BC. But it seem somewhere, below this area, we could find buried, between the layers of ground an ancient  temple. So who know?

Just up ahead, in the area, today archaeological of Piadhia, was recovered a mosaic long 26 feet and  composed of 7 panels. It depicts a series of carts which according archeologist was inspired to a circus scene. The epoch is the 4 centuries BC. It remains that Apollo too was using a cart. He walking down the sky to bring light to the world…  Could apollo and Aphrodite be neighborhood? Well dates are wrong… but on the other hand we are speaking about gods,  why they should deal with mortality and time passing?

It is possible they are living in Cipro even now, in secret… Elisabetta Guida

  • Ever since the press release about the new archaeological dig in Paphos come I've though how does Aphrodite home look like. It will be because of Cyprus, the place where the Goddes of Love was born. (C)Nikodem Nijaki [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
  • (C)MaightyAphrodite, Fair Use. My favorite Aphrodite.
  • Maybe Aphrodite went down this steps ( Photograph is a courtesy of the press office)
  • maybe her gazes slipped on this capitol,via wikipedia. (C)Friedhelm Dröge [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
  • Or, nowaday she lives in an home like this: the Dream House, designed by Kipseli Architects. (C)DimitrisKleantis
  • ...and she sunbathing on this deck. (C)Roufpoupolou, Block 722
  • Alexandre Cabanel- the birth of Aphrodite

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