It is time to shelter (because refuges are like hugs)


GroupeH, Refuge du Gouter, (C)PascalTournaire

Air has a different odor than usual, it smells likes wood and cold. Because the coldness also has got an odour, something similar when the whashing was drying in the air. Or that is what I feel when I go running. And that make me think winter holidays and shelters in the mountains are coming. But there are different kind of safe houses.

Lilypad. render, Vincent Callebaut Architecture

Lilypad. render, Vincent Callebaut Architecture

I like the Studio Vincent Callebaut’s project. It remember me the village of the Elves in the  “Lord of the rings” movie,  only this is a city which floating through the ocean following the migratory routes of birds. It seem could live in 50.000 people, its name is Lilypad, the same of the plant that inspired it. A little green thing belonging water lilies family that it is really special. When its surface come into contacts with ultraviolet rays lilypad absorbs pollution assorbe. And more special is the lake (an artificial laggoon ballasting thus the city, which could survive also if fell down in the deeper seaa); because collect rain water and purified it. Infact Lilypad is a safe atoll from  climatic disaster in particular from raising water. (Writing this post I find out Holland and United Arab Emirates are spending a millions of euro for fatten their beach). The map of Lilypad is though around three areas: work, shops, entertainment. Around the best condition for biodiversity growing.

The house on the cliff, Gil Bartolome Adv, (C)GesusGranada

The house on the cliff, Gil Bartolome Adv, C)GesusGranada

Olson Kundig Studio, Delta Shelter, C)TimBies

But there are also the everiday refuge: homes, dislocated here and there to the planet. Some of them are incredible. There’s one climbing on the cliff of Granada, it is the house of young couple and it is built following a rope of 42 degree. The singularity of this home on two levels is tha shape and the metal roof. I Just have a feeling of a shell… The exact opposite of a bush house in the Usa, near Methow River. If, for the Spanish house, the code word is “flat”, for the American one is high, I mean highest! They called it “cabine” (but it has got an open space, two bed room and a bathroom), and it is made into three  levels of 1000 feet-square. Elisabetta Guida 



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