Design News, Marteen Baas and the Adi Design Index 2018


Marteen Baas at Moooi last Design Week

Sofà like this designed by Marteen Baas, Moooi

Marteen Baas– It is like if famous people would be bags full of words spoken by others; like if they would be  an hologram to whom is given one or another tag. Then, when someone meets them, she find  that they are someone else. About Marteen Baas, the  whGroninger’s museum dedicated a retrospective. It is Hide & Seek, which after having been at Ghent’s Design Museum in Belgium, it will be in Israel at the Design Museum Holon the next 27th november. But for him works what Bulgakov said about Pushkin, he dindn’t need a literary man membership to recognize him as a writer, just read his words. And Marteen Baas is a real creative, like his design or not. It will be that it is a feeling subject. When I met him to Moooi, in the last design week, he was one of those people who seems make breathe easier humans, he transmits freedom, a chance that in the world there is even a place for those who think different, it seems heart enlarge itself. But then Design Week ends up, and the usual pulp made by greyness & power get back.

Radiator by Tubes

Teorema by Ron Gilad, Molteni. This storage furniture is really interesting, because the designer worked about the idea of vacuum

Satellight, Foscarini

Adi Design Index 2018– The last 15th


October was the day of Adi Design Index 2018’s press preview. In the early stage they had been 746 candidate products. The Jury has chosen 172 objects, among them they will be selected the Compasso d’oro winners – an award born by a Gio Ponti idea and introduced in the 1954-. Lowest common denominator : the innovation that impressed mind. For those who are interested to give a look to a selected products: index will be in Rome untill the next 5 november at La Casa dell’Architettura in Piazza Manfredo Fanti n.47.













Guggenheim, Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi, Incontroluce

Davide Groppi- The Architectural Firm & Editor came into Guggenheim Intrapresae. It is about a selection of excellence enterprise that contribute to make possible Guggenheim’s Venice activities and exhibitions. For this event Davide Groppi ha presented “INCONTROLUCE”, a story in words and figures of 30 years of activity.

Milano Design Movie Festival-  This week in Milan it was the Design Movie Festival. The scheduling saw protagonist Gehry, Le Corbusier, Achille Castiglioni, Amatrice, il Cern, la Natura Urbana a Berlino ecc…  This Year the Francesca Molteni’s docu-film is about Renzo Piano.  For those who are interested you can see something on their web page:

Elisabetta Guida


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