Break city: in Burgundy for a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau


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There is a little bit of Denmark in France.

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It seem that the name Burgundi coming by the migration of a population native of Bornholm, an island 104 miles away Copenaghen, Norths called it Burgundaholmr. But especially it is the joy of living that brings to mind danish people. Because what one can breathe is Higge. And in the Beaujolais is Higge the soil too.  In fact it is the epicenter of awesome with its 15733 hectare of vineyards and its 12’s wine red young cru.


Around it, the two capitals of province  (Beaujeu – the historical one which gives the name of this piece of land and it has about 2000 inhabitants- and Villefranche sur Saone -the economical one with its about  35.000 inhabitants-) the 300 castels, the 76 miles of street among vineyards are living  waiting to the third week of november. Time when alchemy is making between bunches of grapes and  barrels full of carbon dioxide, and the Beaujolais Nouveau can fill glasses.



The celebrations  start in Beaujeu, this year at five o’clock of Wednesday, 14th november: the person who will recognize the 12 Beaujolais’s variety , he will walk away with much wine how heavy is his body weight. Then the five dais of festival will take place with wine, music and culinary delicacies. And about music and delicacies can’t be things to be paid in two words. Firstly is the area with the higher concentration of Michelin Stars and restaurant, then the music. Thirteen winemakers got together to organize every march an evening in a jazz music in a mill. And in Burgundi they have a festival of french music in summer. But If you are not fan of that kinds of music doesn’t matter because in the dais dedicated to Beaujolais Nouveau the time playing shall be the enjoy.


And by the way, in case anyone has been lost the New York’s Marathon, on saturday 17th november there was the chance of running through vineyards thanks to the Beaujolais Marathon.  Until last year aninternational event but now extraterrestrial. Thirteen kilometers  that do not exclude anybody, including Capitain America or some Martians. Of course the equal condition for each competitor could be a big problem. Elisabetta Guida

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