Bathrooms with personality


There are bathrooms, that on their own,  make an home. And other that are something different compared to the house where they are in. These bathrooms appear more like an intimate part of it. Then there are those which give the idea that they only want only be themself. Sometimes I just want to play with bathroom  match them, like they were shoes with some house. But looking at theme,they are so through, so deep in  an house atmosphere that make me doubt if walls and roof could be alive! Unknown entities  that they are make build by us, somewhere.  Who Knows? Of course sometimes happened also that home and people fell in love: do you remember Casa Howard by Forster? Elisabetta Guida 

  • Doesn't this water look like a source ? A detail of bathroom designed for an home in a forest: Jikka. It is a Suma/Issei Suma Architectes . (C)Takumi Ota
  • Jikka in all of their beauty. Issey Suma has told that his aim was project a structure that can interact with the forest around. (C)TakumiOta
  • The shower made by mosaic of Xololotl house. The idea of Punto Aquitectonico was create a contrast between the outside and inside. (C)TamaraUribe
  • In Xolotl House water is the key element. Punto arquitectonico has renowed the house. And water was the opportunity to take advantage to the preexisting cistern (C)TamaraUribe
  • An heart of white marble inside a colored house. It is the bathroom of Tec 205 house designed by Moneo Brock Studio (C)MoneoBrockStudio
  • Tec 205 house. The colors are a tribute of Mexico
  • A washbasin that make people think about a bucket made by tin- A wizardry for this Bgs home's bathroom. The house was designed by Alvaro Moragrega. (C)FernandaLeonel,AlvaroMoragrega
  • Bgs House (C)FernandaLeonel,AlvaroMoragrega
  • What impresse me is the materials. Look at the floor, the steps, the bathtube: doesn't sounds like a flake of snow? The bathroom belong to Tresarca house designed by Assemblages Studios in Las Vegas. (C)BillTimmerman,ZackHussain
  • Tresarca, designed by Assemblage Studio. (C)BillTimmerman,ZackHussain

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