Lingerie, Jewels and bags (F/W 2015/2016)


Precondition: brand and the usual suspects like “I’m too sexy” the song of Rignt Said Fred don’t have a space of a word.  I will dedicate every word at clothes, accessories and projects.

_MG_9690voila le veloThis year at Pitti Super I’m falling in love -but  really, really- with Voilà le velo a lingerie project. Bahing suit, bra and underwear cool, cheerful, but above all stimulating. They  raise an image of a short trip in byke, in a sunny morning in the french cowntry, maybe passing through lavender field. But nothing of rural or “flat”, rather then this, the same glee of bubbles in a champagne cup.

usare questavoila le velo 3Voilà le velo is lingerie made in order to flirting. So simplicity and work on cutesy detail which can bring mind and heart in a imaginary world. And sure that need the possibility of personalization – clothes must follow our mood not the opposie-, from there a different choice about materials, tissues and pattern; floreal, pois, tulle, cotton. Nothing is lefting to chance, not even the businness cards  and gadgets which at Pitti Super,  we could choise  colour and type on original_parisienne-liberty-cotton-lingerie-setthe strengh of the moment state of mind.  When  passion is in what we do…

Behind Voilà le velo, an italian couple (the woman is the designer, the man the graphic) who is living in London.

For the rest I like:

continuously on the theme of lingerie, Grazia ‘Lliani and  the coloured compression lingerie

seta plissettata collana 2seta plissettata collanaJewels- Dais go by, but I can’t forget  necklaces made of plissé strip silk by Alexandra Tsoukala. Like so a all sicilian project designed by an archaeologist: Agalma Meduse. To do earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooch and man cufflinks they used the lava stone of Etna and coral. There are ex voto and the picure of sicilian cart, taking bay ancient  postcard.

They struck me necklaces, bracelets and bags by GMG, all embroider, sewn and agalma medusaeagalma medusae 2agalma medusae 7pull on by hand. The next collection fall winter is inspired by american indian culture. While more beauty alive then by photos (really gmg bracciali 2collane stile indiano forse gmggmg bracciali 3photographes not do justice to their charm) are the colored jewels by Dori Csengeri –and the classical contemporary of Giulia Barela.

But for sure if you are a men-eater woman  Quinto Ego exhibited a collection which has got your name writing, dark and at the same time sinuous like velvet and provocative like silk!

gmg borsa 2dori csengeri 2 borsina che ho via e.mailBags- I saw a lot of woven leather bags and some other made by tissue embroided. But the the news  MSK lab which created a lane of bag borsa intrecciata 2borsa dipinta ridimensionata msk 2 jpgborsa pellame di recupero ridimensionata 4 mskmade by lether recovered by seats of motorbike and overall runner. They belong to MSK a series painted with an abstract motif (not painted by hand). Elisabetta Guida

If I though an accessories was made by a company wrongly or I dindn’t give the exact paternity please take contact with me. 

– Jackets- Shoes- Ideas- Colours (F/W 2015-2016)

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