The art of taste: treasures hidden at Studio Dimore Collection. Act 3: the sustainable lightness of table


DSC_0310 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)DSC_0298 Ridotta Elisabetta GuidaSuppose you live the right lives. Think about you are in a kingdom governed by someone who is a descendant of God, the creator of the heaven and the earth. The feudal system, the obligations to the family and the society would have been nothing more than a unavoidable need, as a breath is to life.

Add Shinto – wereby every living being has got the same dignity: that is human, animal or plant-. Then the Zen Philosophy – for which look at nature is seeing the cosmic becoming, that everybody is a part of it-. The result will be your idea of beauty is something which constantly and eternally involved itself; where imperfection forms an integral part, and the empty – understood as space which let them moving, changing, becoming- the essential condition.

DSC_0301 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)DSC_0343 Elisabetta Guida_RidottaThat exactly are Simone Crestani’s glasses. I don’t know how but world in flux is running in his veins. Simone Crestani artworks are lights and sensitives, the thicknesses flimsy. Cups, glasses bonsai and pitcher have got the gentle fragility and the asymmetry of a water droplet carried by wind. To increase the visual effect, DSC_0363 ridottadecors and shapes are inspired to nature elements. There are, amongst others, trees, carps – in Japan symbol of courage, resistance and perseverance- and octopus – which in ancient greek inspired the looks DSC_0355 (2) Ridotta Elisabetta Guidaof monster Shilla and the Gorgon-.

Especially, Simone Crestani Glasses are the ideal things for seducing (in the japanise way) with a mise en place. Now, to achieve this, what it takes is breaking of the balance. That is said by geishe, teachers of seduction and foremost experts of iki, namely the grace, the art of moving in a step dance between DSC_0325 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)DSC_0374 Ridotta Elisabetta Guidathe tangles lives put it in fronts. And they can get that when they learn the most important lesson, people can’t possess nothing. Then seducing is open up to others and at the same time let them go. Iki is what lies in between, it remain guarded about opposites. But iki i also a crack in the normally, that this can DSC_0358 Ridotta Elisabetta Guidawrite in two characters, the meaning of one is “breath”, the other “stylishness”.

DSC_0372 Ridotta Elisabetta GuidaAnd therefore at the end of this turn of phrase what we must do, in the present case, is bring in the etereal lightness of Simone Crestani creation’s alongside products of soil. On the matter Piercing Eyes and Studio Dimore Collection have acted an oil tasting by Apulia Excellentia.

The moral of the story is: beauty is at all time and everywhere. Elisabetta Guida

Authors: Studio Dimore Collection and Piercing Eyes
Main actors: Simone Crestani glasses . E l’Olio di Apulia Excellentia.

DSC_0296 Ridotta Elisabetta GuidaDSC_0324 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)DSC_0317 (2) Ridotta Elisabetta GuidaDSC_0337 (2)  Elisabetta Guida RidottaDSC_0371 (2) Ridotta Elisabetta GuidaDSC_0384 Elisabetta Guida RidottaDSC_0381 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)DSC_0314 Elisabetta Guida_Ridotta




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