Comic strip story: the fairy of glass

ria lussi modificata

One day the fairy of glass, aided by cupid, decided to help a prince and a princess, who are lookink for themselves, to meet them. She had only to find the right way and the right place. The fairy intention’s was to use that meeting to show at the whole universe: the purpose of life is be happy.

17633_418941511598950_1444368447508330439_ Ria Lussi

Obviously whent that happened, a glance was enough and it was love









PèPè Children Shoes (10) ridotta

Even if we don’t have to forget the prince and the princess are looking for themself since millenia. On the other hand distractions are a lot

PèPè Children Shoes (14) ridotta

and everyone has got its allures.








PèPè Children Shoes (5) ridotta

Not to mention any about contitions in which someone could find, in addition to the effort to keep themselves looking pretty. Think to the poor souls who was living at the time of Neanderthal Man, or to all those religious convinctions in the middle ages… Brrrr. Bur step by step, century by century, here you are the happy end.

DSC_0072 ridotta Elisabetta Guida

With that come back to the organizational stage.The fairy had heard that in the heart of Milan there is an ancient refectory (today the Daverio library’s) so ancient as a wall was painting by Montorfano, an artist who lived in the 1400. Now, as it happens Philippe Daverio rent the refectory and take it to its former glory. Therefore once the Daverio library’s was restored, Philippe and his friends, Marco Teseo and Jean Blanchaert, thought of involving the world in a beautiful vernissage.










DSC_0410 ridotta Elisabetta Guida

-What’s better?- he just say, the fairy of glass. Then, after she took on a human form, in the shape of Ria Lussi, she gave a few pencil postshots and with the contribution of the finest glass artisan: voilà, sculpure made of light come up.

Elisabetta Guida ridotta

The plan was give a body for who are living in another dimension, and would like enjoy the evening. And that is exactly what happened because prince and princess are such joyful as Giustiniano, Giulio Cesare and the whole company came for try to undestand how love could be enough for happiness.

DSC_0405 ridotta Elisabetta Guida

Suffice it to say when the evening is over, they followed the two people in love in the pied-a-terre made available by the organizers, the Spazio Teseo Arte; an enchanted and vibrant place, like a suite in Paris.










DSC_0412 Elisabetta Guida Ridotta modificata

If you are passing by there, you can find some powerful person with a widened eyes today again. I bet Montorfano too was hidden behind the curtains. Don’t be surprised if you found some shy paniting turned. Elisabetta Guida

The story and photophes are mine. Exept the three photos about three model shoes of “Pepé Shoes” spring/summer collection 2015. For these I thanks the press office. The Art Gallery or better the Atelier, as Marco Teseo preferes call it, is Spazio Teseo Arte in Piazza Bertarelli  n.14, Milano.


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