Christmas is Hygge in Denmark


Advent_Candle visit denmark ridottajuletog_www.veterantoget16.XII.2015- Christmas in Denmark is Hygge atmosphere, that is the reason why they are so good with the lights. Sure snow helps but it is the iching on the cake only.  The difference is making by a cultural issue, better the readiness for enjoy life. In fact Hygge means feel good, a Fir_and_Conesmultifaceted concept. However the lowest common denominator si  the creation of an appropriate environment and then “light was”. So faery illumination and warm flashes which comes to darkness. There are still nine days before the day is arriving, that is to say when the advent candle – this is a particular lumen  decorated with fairies and gobling which reports 24 signs  (the  24th advent days) and which every day must be snouffed out before the next day sign- will be burned completely.  Elisabetta Guida

Photographes are a courtesy of Visit Denmark Press Office

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