Christmans gifts: spinning tops & pillow shams


duriniquindici-08 ridottaCUSCINO CABINE ROSSEporro_MOD-D ridottadifferent types of wood, Porro has used its whole palette: 16 essences. We should just choose.

Who Knows… could be they the porro_MOD-B ridottaperfect gift for all intolerable married couples,  who feel themeseves (only for that) so CUSCINO SAN BERNARDO ROSSOsuperior to the remain humanity …?

CUSCINO SCIATORIBut we should leave acidity back on our shoulder (when they got divorce, and then they will become shining example of contemporary moral, we would have been our satisfaction) and we must think of offer happyness to the neighbor.porro_MOD-C ridottaporro_MOD-E ridotta

In regards to that this pillow shams are really nice for people who love skiing. Elisabetta Guida

  • If anyone could be interesting:

– Spinning tops (from 56 euro) are sold at Porro Showroom and send all over the world, Via Durini 15,

– Pillow shams (from45 euro up to 75 euro) are also sold online at website of Moroni Gomma




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