Agreement between Etihad and Ten Group


A380_1 RidottaThere’s no villa, jewel or dress would keep it. Because luxury, the real one, is not a brief moment, the thrill of a spell, a firework. Nothing to do with an emotion, it is far closer to a way of being, precisely to normality. The day to day slide of life, the power habit.

Picture by Harry Page. Harry Page ImagesThe this dais news is that Etihad with the cooperation of THE_RESIDENCE_BEDROOM_HORIZONTAL ridottaTen Group, for the area of a crossing, will laythe world at host feet who will travel on board of The Residence by Etihad aeroplane Airbus A380 where it is available. In detail, butlers, trained at London Savoy and employed by the airline, will work closely with Ten Group, a company specialising to support requiring exclusive. Peter Baumgartner regarding that “this to be booking in a famous london restaurant at the last moment, or buying tickets for a Boadway show, even purchasing a rare blue diamond, our fleet always connected allow us to immediately help host 24 hours a day at 35000 feet with the highest levels of service”.

Everything else is for parvenu. Elisabetta Guida

The photographe of butlers are by Harry Page

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