A candies star night’


DSC_1843 (2) ridotta Elisabetta GuidaDSC_1853 Ridotta Elisabetta Guida (2)13.XI.2015- They leave prints constantly: drawings, photographs, words. It only takes handshake to DSC_1825 (2) ridotta Elisabetta Guidaleave a trail of Dna. Probably we are living, without knowing it, in a big dry erase board, where anyone put a little sticher on everything  run alongside them. It can’t be done otherwise, until someone doesn’t rise to a truth, and then that vision becomes a magnet.

DSC_1839 (3) ridottaLicia Fusai, with a sensitivity of a DSC_1840 (2) Elisabetta Guida ridottasharp knife, has found that we are made of whatever we eat. Tastes are needs, for this reason sometimes they change. Salt, DSC_1790 (2) elisabetta Guida_ ridottacDSC_1844 (2) Elisabetta Guida ridottainnamon, flowr and pepper are nothing more than seeds that are ofthepopping and radiating emotion away. As well as inside us we had a switch which turn on a light that go furthest of the body.

DSC_1850 (3) ridotta Elisabetta GuidaLicia Fusai (5) JPG HDMoreover it is not accident that kitchen is the room more “warm” of the DSC_1810 (3) ridotta Elisabetta Guidawhole house. Or it is sufficient put a boil water in a pot and bring together loved ones to feel the meaning of family.

At this rate we can find that sometimes stars are candies and nights sweet and cozy like a panettone at Christmans. Or that an emotion can be so remarkable as to draw as a sun of peppercornes.

Looking at Licia Fusai DSC_1797 Elisabetta Guida ridottaLicia Fusai (8) JPG HDartworks’, for a moment of a glance we can be everyone affected by synesthesia. Smell, tastes, hearing and vision light up at the same time.

But what art is DSC_1838 ridotta elisabetta guidathan this?

In order to see from themself, come find Milano, and take a coffee at DSC_1813 (2) ridotta Elisabetta GuidaPasticceria Cucchi, there will be a special panettone. Elisabetta Guida

Photographs are mine (except for the one which a Licia Fusai hand’ and the third last on the left). I took them during the finissage of the exhibit at Pasticceria Cucchi in Milan. However the confectionery will keep in public display the artwork “Panettone”.




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