A Bathtub for two in the Adi Design Index


DR_alto ridotta27.x.2015
DR_Matteo BrioniThe “convivial bathtub” Dx by Agape is a pastry. As beautiful as the ones in the back, but with two sits. The authors are Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante by the brasilian architecture firm MK27. To look at it brings back to roman bath, only for two. And really you can do anything, from planning your next holiday to washing the trouble of the day spent like japanise people. -It seem in the land of rising sun there is a genuine ritual. The philosohy is get out from the water new, clean from negative emotions even were made hours of meditation-. In this tub selected for the Adi Design Index sounds interesting arguing too, when words will be finish, it will be speak sketches.
DR ridotta DR_particolare_teak ridottaAs for the setting up -candles, rose petals etc..- will stop to do the decor and will be as it is: a use declination.
It is beauty to make up things from another value.
But could be useful go into detail to know that the unloading is equipped of a particular system which taking advantage of the principle of communicating vessels, between the storage and it can hide the too fool inside the bathtub and the outer shell. Wonders of the modern world! will it win the FX International Interior Design Awards in the section product of the years? Elisabetta Guida

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Photographes are a courtesy of the press office Agape Design and Omnia Relation. The first two image present Dx in the new covering in cob by Matteo Brioni.

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