fresco pret-a-porter for bathroom walls


WET_SP1402-ASPLASH.jpgIf you prefer a bathroom with fresco than the solemnity of a stone surface finish or a wall set in a vertical garden, you could have a chance. That doesn’t include have close at hand a painter or be catholic people so faithful as persuade a saint to preserve your investment from mildew.

DECUPER.jpgWET_DC1402…But you must be bold. The mission doesn’t get sidetracked from the word: wallpaper. You have to overtake memories and horrible mental representations about it and throw PINCELADO.jpgWET_PI1401yourself into Wall & Deco creations arms.

During last Cersaie it has exhibited Wet Sistem, it is a matter of decorative sheat waterproof wafer-thin (we are talking about 1,5 mm) particular about damp spaces. By now there is not wall that anyone could deny an emotional impact. Elisabetta Guida

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