A poppy beats under your chest…?


34e443a947fcc5155775d4a15d9c45f2Mygneticats2Una rondine non fa primavera_2It is a bit like the movie starring Giulette Binoche, who can say waht is the original and what the copy? The flowers of Gerardo Frassa are the same. Creature magic and fragile, as  truths as a roses bush, which have been transforminf Triennnale Cafè in a lilliputian garden, a futurist forest and in a most tiramisu ridottalibertaromantic place in the world. All together: and if you like trying the thrill go there and take a Cappuccino (the entrance is free). But I had to warn you: you coul fell in love seriously.Fiore rosso 8

Then you will not enough by the exhibition, you would like having a Branzi_fioriverdipoppy beat in your chest or you can’t do without a fruit bowl over drangonflys are dancing or lovers are busy in their acrobatic things. And to say nothing about the tray Opunzia voluttuosa color “he loves me or he doesn’t” or regarding cats shadow. Opunzia amorosaIn other words see, touch, and feel everything about “fiori di latta” and “citazioni” collections.

I’m in wrong or the sound I heard is  the buzz of a bee? Elisabetta Guida

ombresdechatsFor Who’s are interesting:

  • “Non è la rosa non è il tulipano… tener-a-mente Gherardo Fassa” at Triennale Cafè (via Alemagna 6) from 3/12/2014 to 11/01/2015 free entrance.
  • “30 anni di cimeli artistici di Greardo Frassa”, exhibition/sale Via Laghetto n.9. Inauguration saturday 6 december 2014. Till to 22 december.

coeurquelicot spilla_ ridottahttp://www.fioridilatta.it (from 50 euro for the brooch, from 75 euro (for some fruit bowl) for accessories.

The Movie quoted is  “Copie Conform” by Abbas Kiarostami (2010).20141202_194354_resized20141202_194517_resized20141202_194427_resized20141202_194151_resized - Copia

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